The Brand Guru

Anand Vanjape

Founder, Noworries Adventure

Noworries Adventure is headed by Anand Vanjape, an RMIT Australia alumnus is a visionary branding expert. Anand Vanjape has helped soar organisations through branding exercises.

After graduating from RMIT from Art, Design and Communication stream Anand Vanjape began his corporate career with TATA Infomedia in Mumbai as a Senior Executive heading Print Management Division. After a brief corporate career he founded Noworries Adventure a design and strategy firm to provide solutions to corporate clients. He revolutionised the entire branding process of organisations by incorporating strategy into product development, a holistic approach to branding goes beyond colours, look and feel of the design process.

He founded Noworries Adventure, a full service advertising agency in Pune that caters to businesses across the globe. From agriculture to hi tech firms with a basket of products to uni product organisation. A service firm to a multinational conglomerate, Noworries has its footprint. One of the Landmark work Anand Vanjape is known for is 'e Mahabhumi' a brand identity designed for Govt. of Maharashtra. Client base across INDIA, USA and EUROPE has us improve our work and made us more versatile.

Writing mission and vision statement, quality policy is our forte and we do believe mission and vision statements it adds to bringing divine powers to the

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